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A few impressions on “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” 

Commencing onscreen with a pretty perfect performance by Joe Johnston, the movie has received a tons of praise by audiences (no doubt overshadowed just a bit by Iron Man’s omega level debauchery and Thor’s pecs).

I was just wondering about how the Russos brothers would play the up-coming parts to Captain America: The First Avenger. Would some ideas of Johnston have be taken and transferred into something else of paying homage to Old Republic serials? Would they spy some thriller styles in the comics that we have already read for years? (especially when the movie’s titular character is involved)? Or would they accept to take along what the Avengers has achieved on this easy road, letting the star spangled hero smack down larger than life, ultra powerful threats to world in a standard superhero romp?

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As the result, this chapter ranks the first one among others in the same series. If this movie is compared to a roller coaster ride, it would be much more like a bullet train and a taxicab. This feature, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, took a route which is both safe but risky, filled with a tons of surprises and enjoyable moments for those who have always loved the comics and the civilian allies. Although some people say that there is something illegal and not very crystal clear, it’s an action spy film that is more Bourne Identity (on steroids) than Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. It makes an possible access to every effort from the comics to the movie.

As you are watching this chapter, the end of movie will boost the feeling deep inside your heart and you may find yourself admitting that, if nothing else, Marvel’s Cinematic Universe seems to take a solid attitude of “These movies can’t afford to a). suck or b). alienate outsiders anymore.” And if the movie brings out a question, something like: “How Does A Weak But Noble Man Become Strong and Save the World?”, Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, who took over the plays lines and the scenes would make a move and re-ask: “How Can I Be Captain America When America (the powers-that-be, anyway) Sometimes Sucks?”

captain america

During first scenes, we can see that how hard but passionate Rogers is to integrating in a new life after over 60 years of disappearance under the sea. He has to cope with a lonely but interesting new life. To demonstrate some in time moments of his life early on, the producer provides the scene of a morning jogging with his comrade Mackie and then, his pre-mission exchanges where the Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) suggests potential dates in an attempt to get him laid.

Meanwhile, the cyclonic Fury gets his head spinner for many times about how to deal with a new world and how things aren’t always as black and white as recruitment posters of old would have one believe and how “the good old days” weren’t as good or simple as he likes to believe they were. Captain keeps his “gee whiz” and innocent glare down to science, delivering as a wholesome man of conviction without ever coming off like a preachy, sanctimonious asshole.

In every single minute of the movie, we can see the image of an hero who is puzzled between two things: The patriot love and the uprightness. He troubles in finding the real mission and the symbol that our America needs or even wants. In contrast, Fury gets it so cool in acting and controlling things: he’s shot all to Hell, I’m starting to think that Jackson, with the effortless way he plays him, sees this as his spirit animal, the summation of every badass, smart mouthed action junkie fantasy he’s EVER wanted to live out. He makes fun of it and lets it onscreen. Besides, while we are discussing about the vintage topics with old-school ideas, Robert Redford’s pompous, smug S.H.I.E.L.D. top dog, Alexander Pierce is such a villain whose smile takes after that of Michael Scott.

Stars Offer More "Captain Marvel" Details

From different ideas, the strong point of this movie is the violent scenes in which Captain America is given to blitzkrieg through like the all-American quarterback he comes off as, the supporting cast never feels like a lineup of sidekicks. They’ve got each other right beside to advance and come over those rough moments of life. This entire squad definitely upsets their villain foes. Additionally, the scene of Fury suspecting of treason and evading and assaulting (interchangeably) a strike team for a solid ten minutes before his run-in with the dreaded Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan), who looks like he was ripped right out of a page in the comics and pasted on the goddamned screen.

And I am 100% sure that Marvels’ fans cannot miss this chapter. During 2 hours, they can be fascinated with numerous  Easter eggs, familiar faces, name drops and tie-ins to previous ones. Plus, a lot of nerdy boys and girls captivated by this movie finished already the order for their DVD copies so they can just stay at home and re-watch until they become a couch potato.

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