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Plex Media Server: this is what you need to watch movies for free 

After you read the article about the general information of Plex Media Server, we will give you a closer look at what you need to have for getting started as well as jumping right into your media collection for Plex, installing Plex, and also the part–accessing your Plex media collection of every one. 

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Things you may need to do 

Plex is a really polished product ideal for free movies online, and once you get it up and running it was about as headache free as it gets. That said, however, you need to pay attention to the most important and necessary things which is to go into the experience with a list of your demand on what you need and how to set up Plex and make all of the pieces of this work together smoothly. 

Home Is Where The Server Is 

Before you started this process to watch free movies online, the first and foremost thing that you need to keep remember is that you must have a computer which can help you host all of your files and give you the space to run Plex Media Server. You can install Plex on Windows, Linux, OS X, and even on dedicated server software like FreeNAS and on NAS hardware same as the Synology system (you can see all their supported platforms for the Media Server app here). But regardless of what platform you choose, this requires the computer to be turned on all of the time. We cannot find any points in having a comprehensive streaming solution for all your personal media needs if, when you go to access it, the content is offline. 

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In addition to always being on, you will the server computer to have a decent amount of processing power to handle the aforementioned transcoding. The more users you expect to be watching at once, the better hardware you want. Even the older hardware still has the ability to run Plex Media Server in spite of the fact that it will automatically disable transcoding if the hardware is insufficient, and playback will suffer and stutter on really old or under-powered hardware. 

For this reason, you will want as beefy of a CPU as you can spare. Plex recommend at least an Intel i3 processor (or equivalent) or better with at least 2GB of RAM (To Plex, this factor does not play an important role). You can read over their hardware recommendations in their official blog. 

And finally, you will want and even need a lot of hard drive space–enough to store all the movies, TV shows, music, and photos you have. 

If you already have some hardware laying around you are not using at that moment, by all means give it a shot. Worst case scenario, you will find out the unsatisfactory of the file playback. Best case scenario, you find that the old hardware still has the ability to meet your demand and you avoid purchasing any new gear. 

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If you want to check out the available platforms for the server software, there is also the information you need and other information that you can need in their blog. 

After you read this article, I hope that you will be able to take in our information to help you to successfully set up and understand how Plex Media Server works and watch your favourite movies. For more specific information, you may have to try using this server yourself to get the realist experience. I can make sure that their customer service will never make you disappointed and they will solve your problems with the server as soon as they can.  

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