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Captain America: Marvel’s most ‘mature’ picture

To this point, we finally inhale in our breath a new wind, which is deliberately but zestfully rebellious about this movie. There is nothing that Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus are sensitive about.

Right from one of the first scene on screen, in a play line, Captain America says: “You’re holding a gun to everyone on Earth and calling it protection,” towards Fury. And then, he leads to another line: “I thought the punishment usually came after the crime,” and – just in case we hadn’t got the point – “This isn’t freedom, this is fear.”

captain america

This is definitely the password to decode the world and flatter all critisms so far about Rogers– the 1940s’ stubborn boy scout. With the appearance of a 30-year-old-something-like that guy, this actual-95-year-old man with his early-’40s value set in War-On-Terror America doesn’t get much value in the comparison with the USA’s poster boy than its most dedicated foil. This is something the the Russos brothers can relish getting their indie-cred teeth into on a cine-boom.  

After the invasion of Chitauri, Captain becomes an irreplaceable part of shady superspy network S.H.I.E.L.D., but well, we have to admit, the dullest. During just few minutes for the on-deck shoots in which this blondie hero and the auburn widow take out a crew of French/Algerian pirates, Captain feels not really comfortable with the mission as a “Fury’s caretaker”.

We already get it in our mind that this is not what either Cap or our nation should be doing. A track of the history has been diminished, from a superhero of a bygone era, to world’s policeman and now, a “babysitter of Fury”. This decadence, according to Rogers, morally, happens all in a sudden and it rankles intensely. Besides, this movie links to a real event that we can feel the presence, somehow, of Edward Snowden and his booming affaire, provoking the panic state towards the national top privacy.  

It is not so sure whether there is any land left in the sanctuary of youth’s cinema for this feel-like Marvel’s most ‘mature’ picture but we have to admit, one more time, this risk is worthy to take. By contrary, the plotty and fascinate cast, especially Robert Redford (once be in the eye of Marvel for the Cap’s 70s’ image) who suit Alexander Pierce and suggests 1975’s Three Days Of The Condor as its most obvious inspiration, make such a glory.

captain america

Nevertheless, since the pathway of Rogers gets himself bad treated, outside the cold and back to the image of a boy scout in the hoodie and well, a turncoat who has just lost the faith in people he used to trust. And then, he is targeted by a brainwashed and metal-armed – the titular Winter Soldier with the burden of Bourne’s trio. The Russos, kinkily, takes it so far to terminate the movie with a scene stealing from Bourne. thriller action and violent scenes are the most grounded we’ve seen in a Marvel film.

The First Avenger, with its steampunk-laser weirdness and tumbling, never-ending montages, felt sombre and insulated. In the Avengers, Iron Man, Thor and Hulk are capable of dodging the bullets and other gun fire by their special and sci-fi trimmings. Apart from those rich and modern guy, here goes a boy scout behind the shimmery shield with every scenes of jumping, running, chasing,… at the top of fitness: The Captain, who is operating on the same plane as Jason Bourne, Jack Ryan and James Bond. He even throws a knife at someone. 

Still there with a square face and the muscular body, Evans always take the spotlight with his winky eyes and smiles, too. However not so many people know that beneath that strong-so-looking guy, there exists something wimpy as he spends much of the film working up a will-they-could-they? Being the side-kick with fancy Johansson (Black Widow) – the ex-Soviet adventuress, Evans has the chance to double the engagement in acting.

And when he isn’t ticking off Fury, running righteous rings around the cycloptic boss’ persistent, end-justifies-means ambivalence, he’s fostering a whole new buddyship with Anthony Mackie’s likable veteran support-group organiser Sam Wilson. Things get revealed why we find out that Wilson is also The Falcon. Unlikely to certain ex-forces guy, but someone with private impossi-tech does enable him to flap about like a supersonic smooth.

captain america

Scolding and blaming the role of this innovation as silly in a comic-book movie may be like spitting out a jelly for a dull taste of chemistry, but even so, after the Russos’ first work setting up a smart, Washington, D.C.-based conspiracy thriller, it feels like a backstep into formula. And The Falcon does look naff: Three Days Of The Condor giving way to Condorman. Impossible to change any thing, the entire agency moves to the field of business as usual.

To delete of the dull side-effect having come from the old versions and chapters of Captain America, we must to develop the character into a new way with something more rebellious. The intrigue can easily guessed out, and certain reveals are just stamp-your-foot hoary. Besides, when you are attracted with the plot and the climax, you would be so impatient to hear if there is any upcoming plan of Tony Stark or something like that? Especially now, while he has the new technology advance launching into the sky.

Speaking of which, this chapter- The Winter Soldier ranks the third of the last four Marvel movies to take its final-act set-piece into American airspace and feature a lot of shiny CG things whizzing around amid orange-blossom detonations. While it seems too much to fit in the Avengers Assemble, the Iron Man 3 has the permission. And now, the new case has been brought out when Rogers does a solo work of taking down an aircraft on a bridge, that is almost a beat-for-beat repeat of Heimdall’s dark-elf ship takedown on the Bifrost in Thor: The Dark World – and it, too, feels like a last-minute, studio-led insertion. 

It seems like a flawless one and ever so far with an intriguing note possessed by The Winter Soldier that can have a real big impact on our  

Future Earthbound Marvel stories. Sincerely, the role of Captain America is quietly interesting, in the comparison with the other members, considered in both sides: morality and physique. The ability to be a lonesome but solid one matches well with Rogers.


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